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Monday, October 30, 2006

Racing games

I just uploaded my latest widget, called WidgetRacer to Opera Widgets.

It's a top-down racing/sliding game and it has a track editor too!

I've long been a fan of small top down racers like TurboSliders and Slicks'n'Slide and wanted to make my own sometime.

Well, there it is!

It lets you save and load tracks to the widget, to the disk so you can share them with others. The track editor is quite good. Unlike most editors in games like this, you can create the shape of the road yourself so you're not limited to pre-selected pieces of road.

I was also planning on adding an online track database kind of thing, but sadly the MySQL server on my linux box went nuts... I could've done it with text files too I guess, but I ditched the idea for now.

I'll implement it later for sure, though. It doesn't really require that much even with text files but some extra stuff to make sure the files don't get corrupted etc.

Another cool thing would be two player game on the same computer or over network.

2 players on the same computer is a possible option. I'm thinking about adding it in an update sometime, as it doesn't require much more than adding the keys... another thing is if the cars need to collide... that's gonna require some more work.

The thing is, however, that the game is made in JavaScript and uses the canvas element.... making it slow as heck on anything but a rather good PC... oh well, I'm considering remaking it in 3D in C# ;)

Kind of tired at the moment, so I won't be going into more details as I'm having trouble thinking... hehe

Oh yeah.

100th post! w00t!

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  • Well this place turned awfully quiet all of a sudden. :S Where'd you go?

    By Anonymous Eric, at 3:10 PM  

  • a mini version of turbosliders eheh

    By Blogger KoVa, at 7:40 AM  

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